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God Hears Your Cry!

Welcome - God Hears Your Cry!

Greetings from the Anointed Tabernacle  International "Deliverance" Ministries

 Hello!  Greetings to you all!  Thank you for viewing this website.  It truly belongs to God.  All glory and honor "only" belongs to Him!  If you don't know God, it's alright.  If you are trouble in mind, your heart is broken, you are having trouble sleeping, if  you are on drugs and you are tired and don't know what to do..... Our GOD is a "Healer" and a "Deliverer" of ALL your diseases, sicknesses, failures, and disappointments.  You are never too low or done such bad things that God could not possibly care about "You"!  Yes, God does care.  He did not die just for those who are saved and living right.  He died and hung on the Cross for all of us!  While we were yet Sinners, Christ Jesus died for you and He died for me.  I was a sinner too.  I was not always saved.  I  wanted to die and wanted to take my own life.  I had reached a point that I was at "rock-bottom" and felt no one cared or loved me!  I cried out to God and He heard my cry.  He saw my inner soul that it was a mess! Are you at the crossroads and your life is a mess!  Then, indeed you have come to the right website of the TRUE & LIVING GOD!  The Lord says "COME" and be WHOLE!  Are you broken and confused, "COME" reach out to God and God will reach out to you!  He will not refuse you, He will not reject you nor turn you away.  Christ died that you might seek Him and be whole and be free!  Glory to God.  You can call (336) 988-9425 and someone will pray for you, no matter what time it is!!  Just tell the person who answers the phone, you are calling for Prayer!  Others may turn their backs on you, but God will not!  We are here to pray with you and to serve you. We are about helping others and letting you know if you have been hurt emotionally, mentally, spiritually, disappointed, depressed, confused, or dispair..... God is truly able to reach out and touch the very depths of your soul and give you peace.  We have Prayer Warriors who will stand in the gap and pray for you.  We will not judge, nor condemn you!  We will not ask any questions about who you are, and any personal information.  We want you to be able to express yourself freely and openly so that we may take you or your prayer needs to the "Throne Room" of  Almighty God.  This website is not like any other, we are serious and loyal about what we do.  We are about Kingdom Business. Please feel free to send a prayer request, view our "Prayer for You" which is a prayer designed just for you.  We want to speak into your lives and build up the "Inner Man" on the inside.  "Enjoy this "Fresh" Favor of God upon your life.  This is "a season" to rejoice oh Saints of God!  The world cannot dictate our destiny or purpose. But God has "waved His Hands" of  FAVOR over our lives for this season!  Because the "smell of victory" is upon us!  We smell like it, we look like it, so let's walk in! When God says, "My People Are Blessed", no one or nothing can stop it!  I don't care how depressed you are, what bills are due, whatever is going on, God is canceling the assignment of of the enemy over our lives and we have entered into God's Favor!  Now rise up today, Shake yourself and speak: "I Have God's Favor over My Life Now!"    Apostle Linda Guy  Email us @ and if you want us to reply back to you, please include your e-mail because we have it set up when you send your Prayer Request, your e-mail is not revealed so that it is kept private and confidential, even unto us.  In the meantime we welcome you to enter the "Presence of the Lord" on this website because it is prayed over and consecrated to the Glory of God!  Below is some of the very important information about us!  Scroll Down 


If you are bedridden and unable to attend any Church, Our Church Leadership will come visit you!  We will pray with you, lead you to the Lord, and administer Holy Communion at your request. Call or e-mail us and we will come if you are in the local triad area..... (Mebane, Burlington, Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem, and the Asheboro area) Call 336-988-9425 or email:  Someone from our

Leadership Staff will return your call and set up a date and time convenient for 2 individuals to come and visit you.  God bless and seek God with all your heart, Jesus is soon to return!



                              P.O. Box 14118

                              Greensboro, NC 27415

                              (336) 988-9425

Physical Location:

Guilford Conference Center

3113 Cedar Park Rd

Greensboro, NC 27401

(Exit 224 I-85/I-40 East Lee Street) The Guilford Conference Center next door to the Holiday Inn Express East.

Service begins at: 10 a.m. - 12 Noon. Join us!


"STORE" - Click on the "Store" order a "Miracle Prayer Cloth", a CD, order a Video and watch the service in the privacy of your home or your room.  See what we are all about!  Order a Booklet or Training Manual if you hold

a position in your Church.  You may have been trained, but do you know what God expects and what He wants of you

as you serve in that position.  This Leadership Training Manual is for you!  Browse our "Store" often, We will have

other things to offer from time to time.  When you purchase, you are sowing a seed into "good ground."


On-Going & New Projects - You Can Be Apart of This! 

Our Church has many projects and we have been serving this area  almost 19 years.  We

distribute clothes to the needy, provide bread, meals at Thanksgiving, and available to help

burnt-out victims. We distribute bread weekly to those in need. 

At Christmas, used toys can be given to needy children in the community.  We have a Christmas Play & all

kids receive a "Candy Bag".  Our Tithes and Offerings are not enough for our many projects.  In the past we

have received Clothes donations from another Church.  Currently, food is becoming problem for a lot families.

We also want provide Senior Citizen Day Care, (which is also under Construction) pending purchasing

our own building, where they will come to the Church during the day, instead of sitting home alone. 

They will have tasks of planting flowers, quilt making, and crafts. 

You can be a part of this, by donating your clothes, toys, and voluteering.  We have "Summer Service in the Park"

the 1st Sunday in August, where we have a breif sermon, followed by many tasty dishes and fellowship with family, friends, and children.  The Children enjoy the pool or water slide.


Witnessing: Weekly TV Broadcast:  (Cable Channel 8) Thursdays @ 1:00 p.m. & Fridays @ 2:30 p.m.

Anointed Tabernacle reaches out to those who are home bound, in Nursing Homes, hospitals, and those who are at work that watch the broadcast in the breakroom.  This is our way to witness and get the word out about the Lord.  Watch us and call in for prayer and even let us have your comments.  This time belongs to the Lord.  Each taping is prayed over and dedicated and consecrated that it will touch somebody and that the power of God's healing virture touches and make you whole!  


11:00 A.M., Sunday Worship Service -  Come Worship and let your children be apart of Sunday School

@ 10 a.m., and join the Children's Choir or the Youth "Glory" Dancers.  4th Sunday is "Youth Sunday".  We are a Bible

believing Church!


Wednesday Special “Prayer Hour”12:00 Noon (Weekly)  The Church is open every Wednesday 12:00 Noon

for prayer. Come sit in the "Mercy Seat" and have a Prayer Warrior stand in the gap and pray, or send us an e-mail and we will

take pray over it during Wednesday Prayer!


Prophetic/MIT Classes:  Wednesday @ 6:30 p.m.  If you have a hunger to know more of God, If you desire to “Hear The Voice of God,” Awaken the spiritual gift that lies within, or receive proper training and instructions for doing the Will of God within your Church.  Prayer and Fasting is a way of life for the Believer of Christ. Please get in touch with us if you need more information about this class.


Listen to the gentle music on this site about Jesus speaking to your soul!


Online Member:   If you are not a member any where and want to be a member of this ministry

and you live in another location, State or Country, you are welcome to join as a member online.  Yes, you

cannot be in attendance with us, but we minister to you daily and you will receive daily e-mails that

will further develop your walk and growth with the Lord.  We are interested in your soul, not about

how many (number) we have in our Church.  We are going beyond the walls of the "physical" Church

and reaching out to you.  We are here if you or your family needs prayer.  Just e-mail us and we will

pray with you and you will hear from us!   The Lord spoke a word of relevation to Anointed.  God said

there will some people that would never would walk through the doors of our Church, but we would minister to them

and we would cover them with prayer and not to be interested in numbers but in souls.   Go back to the

Main Menu and click onto the "Join As a Member" and fill it out.  With it tells you are joining a "Bible"

believing Church that believes the entire Word of God. 


Weekly Services On The Internet Website: (It is under construction) We will soon download the video clip of our weekly services and have online available for you to watch Sunday’s Services on our website for those near and far away to minister to your soul!  Order a DVD for $12 after each Service.    Forms are in the Lobby, or you may e-mail us and request a copy.